Change Your Mind Festival

Sat September 10, 2022 Viasat Carlsbad Campus - 2456 Town Garden Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92009 US


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Experience the Japanese Art of Kintsugi – Discover How the Broken Can be Beautiful!  


Joyce Bruggerman and Josh Roberts 


Has life dealt you some shattering blows with loss, tragedy, or unexpected upheaval? Do you feel broken into pieces? Life can be hard, yet beauty can come out of the scars. Join Joyce and Josh for this 90-minute, hands-on experience of the Japanese Art of Kintsugi, where clay vessels are intentionally broken and then glued back together using precious metals. You’ll create your very own piece using Kintsugi principles to increase resilience, foster post-traumatic growth and discover the value and beauty in your own journey. You’ll leave this powerful session feeling hopeful and equipped to put the pieces together and create a new beautiful life! 


@11:30 AM 







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Painters Splash Pad

Get messy with a hands-on paint throwing workshop led by local artist, muralist, and art instructor Mike Smack of MS Perceptions! Workshop Participants will get a chance to make a collaborative art piece in a whirlwind of controlled chaos before taking all taking a piece home as a souvenir


1st Session: @11:30 AM

2nd Session: @3 :00 PM














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Drumming Circle Workshop

Hands-on workshop fostering a sense of community through rhythmic drumming exercises. 

Led by local Drummer Aki Burkes


@12 pm - 2 pm

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1 Hour of Paws-itivity!

Spend some time cuddling with specially trained Therapy Dogs in the De-Stress Zone!


 @1pm - 2pm


"The PET program is founded on the belief that animals can have a tremendous impact on the human spirit.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center’s animal-visitation program provides opportunities for people to experience unconditional love and a variety of physical, psychological, and social benefits when interacting with specially trained therapy animals. Lowered blood pressure, increased memory recall, and reduction in anxiety are just a few of the benefits that we see along with the simple enjoyment of petting a furry friend.

PET staff and a remarkable group of dedicated volunteers partner with a variety of certified therapy animals to provide this service. Regardless of whether the animal lives at the Center or with a volunteer, all of our animals are tested for both health and temperament before joining the program. It is important that the animal not only be safe but also enjoys the interactions as much as our clients."

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Yoga & Breath Work by Katie Rose 

Unite body and mind with a guided yoga session designed to introduce beginners to the holistic benefits of intentional motion and breathing.

Katie Rose - M.A.Ed., RYT 500, Breathwork + Meditation 

Yoga In Beautiful Places hosts yoga events in beautiful places to help people reconnect with nature and themselves. Experience the magic of yoga in a beautiful place!   

Breathwork is a healing and meditative process of sustaining a full and flowing breath through an open mouth to completely relax and let go. This practice is the quickest way to transform by letting out stuck emotions, shifting your state and stress levels, and allowing you to experience deep inner healing.  

@1:00 PM - 2:15 PM

A Step Beyond

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A Step Beyond is a creative youth development organization serving youth and their families living at or below the poverty line with free after-school dance classes, academic support, and social services.  In order to create deep, meaningful, and lasting relationships that will ensure the artistic, academic, and social-emotional development of our youth, we make a ten-year commitment to support students and their families from 3rd grade to high school graduation and beyond.

Explore Your Senses





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Cloud Room


Take a jaunt through the clouds as this simple optical illusion makes you feel lighter than air

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50 - Scent Piece 

Join your friends for a fun competitive-smelling speed round! 

Can you sniff out the truth? Or will your sniffer be stumped?

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Sound Bath

Experience the power of sound as vibrations reverberate through your body provided by The American Universalist Temple of Divine Wisdom. 

The American Universalist Temple of Divine Wisdom is a modern-day Essene Retreat Center located in Prayers for Peace Park, Valley Center, California. Developed in 1967, their Mission stems from the Ancient Order of Essenes who was one of the 12 Ancient Orders of Shepherd Kings and were recognized as the Scribes of the Sanhedrin. To this day, they are committed to compiling and teaching Divine Wisdom found in all the Great Religions of the world.  

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Tactile Exploration

Seek out a variety of textural stimuli as your fingers navigate a room of complex sensations

All Day Fun!

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DIY Succulent Arrangement Workshop

Immaculate Vibes!

Learn how to make your very own beautiful succulent arrangement while enjoying the invigorating presence of Ily the Plant Lady! This hands-on experience will introduce you to the joys of tiny gardening and plant arrangement. Come experience the calming effects of self-care through plant care, become a plant-parent, and take your project home with you when you're done! 

- Kindly hosted by Ily the Plant Lady



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 Children's Museum Mobile Exhibits

San Diego Children's Discovery Museum 

Mobile Exhibits are hands-on, portable versions of the Museum's innovative exhibits that we set up at your location to engage students and parent chaperones through Next Generation Science Standards-aligned challenges.

Click HERE to learn more!


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Interwoven: Mindful Knitting Workshop

Learn the pleasures of crafting with a knitting 101 workshop led by members of local North County knitting clubs! Knit one and Purll two your way to serenity as you spin life into a beautiful creation with your very own hands!



- Graciously Sponsored by The San Diego North County Knitters Guild

"We promote the artistry and skill of the craft of knitting through monthly meetings, workshops, and informal knitting groups throughout the community.  We provide an educational and supportive environment for knitters of all levels from beginning to advanced."

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Love Locks

Cement your affection for a friend, family member or partner with a customizable lock that will forever decorate one of Interfaith Community Services Shelters as a symbol of the permanence of love and the hope that it brings. 

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DIY Salt Bath 

Relax & Create your own Signature Bath Salts and Salt Scrubs! We'll guide you through this soothing experience using natural, aromatic salt blends! +Donation Suggested

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