Change Your Mind Festival

Sat September 10, 2022 Viasat Carlsbad Campus - 2456 Town Garden Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92009 US

Meet Hubert Pilloud 2:00 PM

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Hubert was born in Switzerland where he served for more than 25 years in the Swiss Air Force as one of the top Fighter Pilot Instructors. Throughout his career, Hubert led many international training campaigns abroad as Commander or Chief Pilot. He lead world-class pilots to reach the highest tactical level in their careers for many years and was deployed in various training operations in France, England, Norway, Italy, and the USA. 

In 2005, the opportunity came about for Hubert to work in the United States for the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs as a Liaison Officer. He worked for more than 13 years on various International projects related to the F/A-18. 

During that time, he discovered three activities that changed his life forever: yoga, self-development study, and scuba diving. Within the next 14 years, he became a yoga teacher volunteering in his community, a master instructor in scuba diving, an accomplished technical diver going in very deep waters, and a mentor for youth. 

Using his 25 years of experience as an instructor, trainer, and mentor, Hubert became a Certified High-Performance Coach and now runs a coaching practice at 

Hubert trains and coaches C-suite and accomplished professionals to reach their higher potential in life and in business. His main areas of focus are helping others to gain clarity, find purpose and realign their goals so that they can live a fulfilling life while having an impact on the community and leaving an amazing legacy. 

Hubert believes in the power of community, service, and philanthropy. When he was young he didn’t have a mentor, didn’t have much support from his family, and didn’t have a role model to guide him. He learned everything the hard way. But Hubert strongly believes that life doesn’t have to be that way. It has become his mission now to help the youth around the world. He wants to leave behind a legacy of great, heart-led young leaders and entrepreneurs. He shares his expertise with youth, Wounded Warriors, and local and international nonprofits. 


Create Your Life Flight Plan – Lessons from a Top Gun Instructor 


Life is a succession of transitions. How well you navigate and execute them will dictate your future. This ex-fighter pilot instructor and high-performance coach will share the secrets behind a “flight plan” to help you reach your future destination, the life you dream of and deserve. If you are exhausted from the 9-5 grind, a student needing direction, dreaming of being an entrepreneur, or just need a plan to get unstuck and make a change---this session is for you! You’ll gain the confidence, competence, clarity, and tools you need to map out a path forward and reach a higher level of success.  Take action, be fulfilled, and be the Top Gun of your life!

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