Founded by John Bruens and Tim Bruce in 2017, Global Transplant Solutions, Inc. (GTS) is the Global leader in Organ Preservation Solution research, development, and supply.

From its formation in 2015, GTS has focused on improving the quality of preservation solutions, worldwide, by partnering with a 100 year+, FDA, EU, and Health Canada certified sterile solution manufacturer, SALF, of Bergamo, Italy. GTS and SALF work together relentlessly to improve the useability, storage, and overall quality of every solution produced at SALF. One example; GTS has researched methods of shipping/storage, which resulted in the first, 100% recyclable shipping container system for preservation solutions delivered to the Global organ procurement community. This focus on “Total Quality” turned out to be very fortuitous, in that since GTS’s first FDA clearance in the US (Servator H – HTK in 2017), several other suppliers of organ preservation solutions have had their products, FDA/EU withdrawn due to contamination and other quality issues.

GTS is the ONLY single-source for ALL your FDA-cleared organ preservation solutions, including Servator® H-HTK, Servator® B-UW, Servator® C (Cardiac preservation), Servator® P (Lung preservation), Servator® S (albumin-free Steen) and Servator® M (machine perfusion). GTS also supplies preservation solutions to research institutions conducting work in organ/tissue preservation, Free of Charge.

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