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Step 4: Goals

Ah, at last! The reason why we are all here! Goals allow participants to make progress towards completing your challenge so this should be set up for all challenge events.


Is there a Goal Distance/Tally? - For challenge events this should be set to Yes. If there is a specific goal then the option for Same Goal for All Participants should be selected and then it will prompt to fill out the total. If the challenge is more open-ended, then you can let participants define their own goals. Be sure to check the option to show the goal progress bar so participants can know their exact progress and remaining amount of the challenge. For the example challenge, since it is a defined challenge of 200 miles the same goal was selected along with the option to show progress.

Display a map with route and participant progress on result page? - Upload a KML file. Simple KML with a single route and few annotations works best. If more than one route segment is defined in the file, the route with the most number of points will be used. Click the icon and browse to your KML file for upload.

Is there a Goal Elevation Gain? - If your challenge allows for Elevation then you can also set a goal. For the example challenge, since the primary goal is to complete the 200 miles, the race will let participants decide their own goal for the elevation.


We also support Milestones and Badges, but this has been broken out into a separate section. For more details check out this blog post! or view the milestones & badges setup guide.

Be sure to save the settings by clicking the blue Save button at the bottom or at the top-right of the screen.

Continue to set up Details.

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