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Mountains to the Desert Classic 2022

Sat September 24, 2022 Telluride, CO 81435 US Directions

Mountains to the Desert Classic 2022

Donation Goal: $150,000

The Mountains to Desert Classic is a fundraiser for the Just for Kids Foundation. JFK was founded in 2000 by Bill Carstens, long-time Telluride resident, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Through a competitive annual grant process, JFK provides support to organizations that serve children throughout the San Miguel Watershed, including the towns of Telluride, Norwood, Nucla, Naturita, Paradox and all points in between. JFK particularly target organizations that offer leadership opportunities for children and projects that promote self-sufficiency and responsibility.

Mr. Carstens passed away in 2006 and while much of his entrepreneurial talent cannot be duplicated, the JFK board emphasizes a few core Carstens' imperatives: valuing innovation, pursuing a creative route to overcome challenges, intellectual vitality, and maintaining a grassroots familiarity with local needs. In addition to funding over 40 non profits annually, JFK also honors its founder through an annual "Man of La Mancha" college scholarship for graduating high school seniors who dream big, and achieve at the highest levels.

The Just For Kids Foundation is a 501c3. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.



Raised of $150,000


Top Donors

$126,557 Raised By 319 Donors

$15,000 on behalf of PKLS Foundation
$10,000 on behalf of Johnson Family Foundation
$5,000 from Anonymous
$5,000 from Anonymous
$5,000 on behalf of Dalton Family Foundation
$3,500 on behalf of Ryan Goepfert
$3,000 from Anonymous
$3,000 from Stuart & Joanna Brown
$2,500 on behalf of Daniel O'Neill
$2,500 on behalf of David & Maire Baldwin
$2,000 from Goran Klintmalm
$2,000 from Xan Myburgh
$1,500 from Hensen Construction
$1,500 on behalf of Steve Pruitt
$1,000 from Garrett Brafford
$1,000 from Anonymous
$1,000 from Mark Kalkus
$1,000 from James McNulty
$1,000 from Joel Cantor
$1,000 from Tim Barton
$1,000 from John & Peiper Kirkendoll
$1,000 from Erik Fallenius
$1,000 from Anonymous
$1,000 from Stuart & Joanna Brown
$1,000 from Kerri and Richard Bartlett
$1,000 from George & Becky Harvey
$1,000 from Jim Elliott
$1,000 on behalf of David & Maire Baldwin
$1,000 on behalf of Koenig Construction Services
$1,000 on behalf of Megan McManemin
$1,000 on behalf of Natural High
$1,000 on behalf of Sue & Chuck Cobb
$1,000 on behalf of Tougher New West Builders and Developers
$500 from SIMON EYLES
$500 from Ann & Jack Seifrick
$500 from Amy Cannon
$500 from Kimberley Pelyk
$500 from Robert Vaughn
$500 from Anonymous
$500 from Peter Krivkovich
$500 from Brigitte Sandquist
$500 from Arnie Chavkin
$500 from Stuart & Joanna Brown
$500 from Jack and Annette Vaughn
$500 from Carin Hagberg
$500 from Priscilla Wells
$500 from Katherine Borsecnik
$500 from Brian Dyson
$500 from Stuart & Joanna Brown
$500 from Sally Falkner
$500 from Anonymous
$500 from Aric Maloy
$500 from Michelle Parekh
$500 from Sally Falkner
$500 from Ron Allred
$500 from Ralph and Susan Booth
$500 from Stuart & Joanna Brown
$500 from Mike Hassell
$500 on behalf of Brian Schneider MD & Susan Kovarik
$500 on behalf of Bridgitt and Bruce Evans
$500 on behalf of Daniel Lynch
$500 on behalf of Flint Ogle
$500 on behalf of Jane Brenton-Knauer
$500 on behalf of Jon Lehman and Zach Huelsing
$500 on behalf of Jude & Ronn
$500 on behalf of Lizard Head Cycling
$500 on behalf of Mary and Jesse Johnson
$479 on behalf of TellurideFUEL
$360 from Aela Morgan
$350 on behalf of Rich and Jeani Jernstedt
$333 from Didi Johnson
$300 from Kere Frey
$300 from Jason Corzine
$300 from Gretchen and Jim Wells
$300 on behalf of J R Kraft
$300 on behalf of Jean Choi
$250 from Jeffrey Resnick
$250 from Peg Cline
$250 from Anonymous
$250 from Alan Towbin
$250 from Robert Dorsey
$250 from Natasha Egan
$250 from Julia Edwards
$250 from Tom Stringer
$250 from Anonymous
$250 from Christine Marcus
$250 from Gregory Thompson
$250 from Dave Doemland
$250 from Jim and Eve Murty
$250 from William C. Valaika
$250 from Greg Vogel
$250 on behalf of Clarisse Perrette
$250 on behalf of Jurgen Ihns
$250 on behalf of Meg and Mike Blake
$250 from Anonymous
$250 on behalf of The Fusting Family
$223 on behalf of Rosie Cusack
$200 from Judy Muller
$200 from Wes Clelland
$200 from Lael A Fruen
$200 from Anonymous
$200 from Carol Dorsey
$200 from Barbara Walker-Renshaw
$200 from Jim Jennings
$200 from Jeff Murray
$200 from Ian Fallenius
$200 from Sally Puff Courtney
$200 from Carl Rehnborg
$200 from Mark Duncan
$200 from Anonymous
$200 from Michael Cote
$200 from Alexander Lange
$200 from Anonymous
$200 from William Fox
$200 from Steve HILBERT
$200 from Martha Demas
$200 from Mary Lou & Roger Sandquist
$200 on behalf of Accommodations in Telluride
$200 on behalf of Bob Broadbent
$200 on behalf of Hook Telluride
$200 on behalf of Margaret Reagan
$200 on behalf of Nika Regnier
$200 on behalf of Tasha Irving
$200 on behalf of Wilder & Oakley Brown
$150 from Valerie and Ryan Lucia
$150 from Mike Shimkonis
$150 from Carla Nash
$150 from Mike Shimkonis
$150 on behalf of Bryan Hollingshead
$150 on behalf of Paul Lehman
$150 on behalf of Yolande & Ted Wankovsky
$148 on behalf of Gail oliver
$133 from Stephanie Ansin
$103 from Kathleen McCall
$100 from Bebe Hinde
$100 from Kimberly Williams
$100 from TD Smith
$100 from Sue Gustafson
$100 from Elliot Schiff
$100 from Lea Gibbs
$100 from Doris Nadel
$100 from Clare and Bas Afman
$100 from Bridget Spann
$100 from Jim & Judy Singleton
$100 from Hal Johnson
$100 from Tom Stone
$100 from Janet Hobby
$100 from Bill Farmerie
$100 from Joe Gage
$100 from Jim Rivard
$100 from Jennifer and Gary Donnan
$100 from Adam Black
$100 from Steven Pruett
$100 from Katherine Green
$100 from Anonymous
$100 from Chris Woods
$100 from Kathy Green
$100 from Margaret-Anne Heyland
$100 from Mike Shimkonis
$100 from Max Xander
$100 from Lindsey Walker
$100 from Mark and Nancy Ferrara
$100 from Allen Cooper
$100 from Katrina Rinne
$100 from Gregory Gardner
$100 from Joyce Winnecke
$100 from Sue Gibbs
$100 from Samuel Demas
$100 from Bill Farmerie
$100 from David Hay
$100 from Kristen Rosenbaum
$100 from Carolyn Sargent
$100 from Gilman Lang
$100 from Scott Schraff
$100 from Nancy B Frank
$100 from Anonymous
$100 from Joel Schaefer
$100 from Rich Gribbon
$100 from Anonymous
$100 from Beckie Pendergrass
$100 from Terryl Dahl
$100 from Jeannie & Ian Stewart - Bald
$100 from Marc Berman
$100 from Lisa Barlow
$100 from Chris Woods
$100 from Hill Hastings
$100 from Anonymous
$100 from Andre Schwegler
$100 from Drew and Patti Rader
$100 from B Louise
$100 from Amr Morsi
$100 from Michael Shell
$100 from Andrew Gibbs
$100 from Tobin Brown
$100 from Katie Alexander
$100 from William Mundy
$100 from Tony Daranyi
$100 from Lynda Tueller
$100 from Alex & Wendy Carter
$100 from Cindy Farny
$100 from Saree and michael Kayne-Gregory
$100 from Chris Woods
$100 on behalf of My Partner in Crime with or without the Bike! :)
$100 on behalf of A friend of L:ucarelli
$100 on behalf of Alisa Wyatt
$100 on behalf of Anne Sadlwe
$100 on behalf of Camels Garden
$100 on behalf of Cindy and Richard Marini
$100 on behalf of David Grooms
$100 on behalf of Elizabeth Lindau and Jeff Dunlap
$100 on behalf of Frances Hartogh & Mike Browning
$100 on behalf of Hannah + Jesse
$100 on behalf of Ice House
$100 on behalf of janie Goldberg
$100 on behalf of Jim Pettegrew & Gina Ferrigno
$100 on behalf of John Schaller
$100 on behalf of John Shyer
$100 on behalf of Kevin Haight
$100 on behalf of Kyle Loehler
$100 on behalf of Mark Haynes
$100 on behalf of marta unnars
$100 on behalf of Mike Hess & Philantopia
$100 on behalf of Nancy & Lucinda Heim/Carr
$100 on behalf of Old friends
$100 on behalf of sammy smith
$100 on behalf of Shimmy Shim Shimminy Sharoo
$100 on behalf of steven lewis
$100 on behalf of the always late doug tueller
$100 on behalf of Theonia and Wes Boyd
$100 on behalf of Those that can't Ride!
$100 on behalf of Uncle Shot
$75 from Sierra, Michael, and Cedar Good
$75 on behalf of Carol Morgenstern
$75 on behalf of Patsy van Utt
$50 from Diana Conovitz
$50 from Anonymous
$50 from Monet Ragsdale
$50 from Nanci & Terry Brown
$50 from Nancy Hild
$50 from Peter Jamar
$50 from Chris McMurry
$50 from Anonymous
$50 from Adele McCartney
$50 from Angela Mallard
$50 from Sage Martin
$50 from Peg Biedron
$50 from Mary Hearding
$50 from Anonymous
$50 from Vicki Filz
$50 from Asa Van Gelder
$50 from Nick Hegyesi
$50 from Hildy Rosenbarker
$50 from David Howes
$50 from Thomas Jaffe
$50 from Heidi Winslow
$50 from Sue Sweeney
$50 from Kim Schad
$50 from Leanne Cesario
$50 from David and Sydney Denman
$50 from Bobby Wuertz
$50 from Judy and Midnite Kohin
$50 from Chris Rakhshan
$50 from Steven Sampson
$50 from Michael Mcgill
$50 from Barclay Daranyi
$50 from Marilyn Siegel
$50 from Mary Rubadeau
$50 from Dorothy Steele
$50 from Kate Holzle
$50 from Peter Johnson
$50 from Roxanne Lawler
$50 from Gary Donnan
$50 from Cary Chiungos
$50 from Bebe McGraw
$50 from Melanie McGlade
$50 on behalf of Byron Turnoff
$50 on behalf of Carolyn Shaw
$50 on behalf of Dahlia Mertens
$50 on behalf of Dawn Ibis
$50 on behalf of Dawn Ibis
$50 on behalf of Eric Hvolboll
$50 on behalf of Janet Mcgee
$50 on behalf of Kristin Holbrook
$50 on behalf of Kristine Hilbert
$50 on behalf of Lisa Sandquist
$50 on behalf of Luna!
$50 on behalf of Nancy Talmey
$50 on behalf of Pamela and Emil Sante
$50 on behalf of Pamela Sante
$50 on behalf of Shirley Fortenberry
$50 on behalf of Todd Brown
$50 on behalf of Yay, Coach Lisa! <3
$33 from Bella Johnson
$30 on behalf of jenny nomura
$25 from Lance Waring
$25 from Caryn Borden
$25 from Matt Prescott
$25 from Anonymous
$25 from Jessica Newens
$25 from Karen Byrom
$25 from Jenine Durland
$25 from Melanie Groah
$25 from Lori Hancey
$25 from Catherine Gale
$25 from Janice Gerona
$25 from Janice Gerona
$25 from Jason Merritt
$25 from Anonymous
$25 from John Plock
$25 on behalf of Clay and Jenny
$25 on behalf of Glenn Steckler
$25 from Anonymous
$20 from Mark Burris
$20 from Hermione Chadwick
$20 from Touffic Haddad
$20 on behalf of Susan Mattson
$10 from Brian Mayo

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