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Endurance Activity Tracking

Virtual Challenges

Virtual challenges are a unique way to engage your supporters for weeks or months, providing them with an experience that enhances their daily life and keeps your organization in the forefront of their mind. Challenges are flexible, providing achievable goals for participants of various levels and can support activities of any type - including non-physical challenges like reading or volunteering.


In short, milestones are intermediate goals that participants can reach along their challenge. Badges are the digital rewards for reaching those milestones.

Milestones can be based on distance covered, elevation gained, or a custom tally (like books read or hot dogs eaten), and can apply as an overall metric or specifically to one activity type. Additionally, you can set individual as well as team milestones. Types of Milestones include:

  • Fixed Milestones can be created so that participants earn them at preset “points”. You could make Milestones for towns and cities that you pass by on the way across your virtual tour of Texas for instance.

  • Repeating Milestones can be created to track repeated progress. Let’s use the Hot Dogs Eaten example – you could create a Milestone that represents a “Pack” of 10 Hot Dogs, so that the participant will be able to see earn a new Milestone each time they log 10 Hot Dogs eaten, and it show how both the total number of Hot Dogs and the number of total packs of hot dogs they consumed over the course of this very indulgent challenge!

  • Percentage Milestones can be created so that when a participant reaches a set percentage of their Goal – whether they have set their own Goal, or you have set it for them. This type of Milestone really is handy if you have participants setting their own Goals – so all participants will be able to feel a sense of achievement as they make progress in logging their Activities.

Fun with Badges

Badges mark the achievement of reaching a milestone. There are built-in, default badges you and select from for the primary sports on the platform (running, biking, swimming), but you can build a badge for anything. Custom Badges can be still images or fun GIFs - they just need to be 300x300 pixels. If you need a resource for building your own badges, we recommend Canva.


Progress Maps

Use our default icons or upload your own custom graphic to display the progress of your participants towards their endurance goal. 


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