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Sun September 26 - Sun October 10 Madison, WI 53783 US Directions
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Raised of $20,000


Why We Ride

We ride for our friend and coworker, Paul Nelson, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in May. Please consider contributing to this amazing cause in support of Paul.

Paul's Story

On 5/5/21, I woke up early to go to work for a bridge deck pour. I noticed that my vision seemed off, but I felt fine and figured after I put my contact lenses in, things would return to normal. After doing just that, things still seemed off, but I had to work today, people were counting on me to be there, so I kissed my wife and left.

It did not take long to realize that things were not okay. I made it to just outside of Sun Prairie, before deciding that it was not safe for me to drive. I called into work to try to explain why I couldn’t make it. Of course, they understood, because the people at Batterman always have each other’s backs. I called my wife to let her know I was coming home. That is when things got scary.

Only a few miles out of town, I thought it would be no problem getting home, but I started to lose vision on one side and could not focus on the road. The next thing I knew I was driving in the wrong lane with oncoming traffic horns blaring in my direction. I was able to maneuver out of the way and just made it into my driveway. I could not move; I could not think. I was panicking. So, I called Whitney. Except it was not her. It was work again. I was incomprehensible, I could not explain, I was blacking out, I was having a seizure. Whitney saw me outside and dragged me inside. She did not know what to do, this had never happened before. I must call 911, right? she thought. Thankfully, she did.

I started to come to after the paramedics arrived. I did not know what was happening or who was in my house. I still could not think or communicate. What was going on?! They took me to the emergency room at UW hospital. I remember the paramedic asking questions, giving me medications, trying to bring me out of the daze and confusion.

We arrived at the hospital, and I arrived back to consciousness. I finally was coherent again. I could think. I could speak. What happened to me?! The doctors initially thought I had a stroke, but nobody could tell me why. I became a guinea pig, undergoing a battery of tests.

Eventually, this led to my first encounter with Dr. Ahmed. Paul, you have a brain tumor. We need to operate as soon as possible. Brain surgery? Are you joking? I felt fine 3 days ago.

On 5/7/21 I went in for brain surgery. It was deemed a success. They removed as much of the tumor as possible. I was dazed, had quite a set of stitches, and lost part of my vision, but I was alive and that was a win. While I was recovering, my tumor was sent off for testing. My caretakers were tremendous in such a way that I felt like they were all doing the jobs they were meant to do, and my wife, Whitney, was there every day.

On 5/9/21 I got to go home. I had been in the hospital for 5 days. I was feeling good. I was just plain excited to get home. As I was pulling into the driveway, I cranked Thunderstruck. I got chills like I never had before and walked into the arms of the greatest group of family and friends a man has ever known. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was home and everyone was there to celebrate that with me.

On 5/14/21, friends and family were coming in and out of my house to say hi, to check-in, to show their support. It was wonderful. I felt great. I won. It was time to turn the page back to normalcy. Then I received the lab results for the tumor. Astrocytoma, grade 4, glioblastoma. Do not tell me you are going to send me the results with no interpreter for this foreign language. The house was quieting down. We were down to just a small group. I kept all this to myself until I got a call from Dr. Ahmed. I wanted to discuss your test results with you, he said. A grade 4 astrocytoma is synonymous with a glioblastoma. It is cancer and grade 4 is the most aggressive type of tumor. The words were difficult to get out of my mouth. I, Paul Nelson, have cancer. I cried and I thought, this must be some kind of mistake. I was able to tell a few people that day and they vowed to fight by my side. It was time to stand up, it was time to start fighting.

I do not know what my future holds or how long I have left, but I vow to fight until my last breath. The RIDE is part of my fight. I want to be a part of putting together a team of the greatest minds on earth to defeat cancer, something that causes so much heartache and destruction. Maybe this will save my life, or maybe it won’t. Maybe it will save your life or your child’s life. Maybe your wife or your brother.

My cause found me. I wasn’t looking for it, but I’m going to fight anyway. Fight for me. Fight for you. Fight for all. That’s why I RIDE.

More on The Ride

Our group is proudly helping accelerate cancer research and patient treatment initiatives forward at the University of Wisconsin through our involvement in The Ride, an annual wellness event which powers the brightest cancer minds, ideas and technologies at UW. We all have been affected by cancer in some way and more needs to be done to combat this terrible disease.

The Ride's mission is to give 100% of all participant-raised dollars (yes, every penny!) to the most promising UW cancer initiatives both in the laboratory and clinic setting. Since 2016, The Ride has raised over $1.3 million and what’s best of all is our ability to see where the money goes as the Ride presents their Ride Scholars each year!

The Ride takes place in September and 100% of all dollars-raised are presented to the newly announced Ride Scholar Class by January of the next year. This is done quickly so the funds can make an impact in the labs and hospital helping patients and families immediately. 

Help us support The Ride and its UW cancer mission. All contributions are appreciated - whether it is $5 or $500, every dollar counts and you can be assured that every dollar you give goes back to the cause and helping those affected by cancer. 

If you are unable to make a monetary donation at this point, please help us reach our goal by sharing this page with others on social media! Even better, send an email to friends you think might be interested in contributing or joining The Ride and include a link to our page.

To learn more about The Ride (and to sign up yourself!) please go to

Thank you so much for your generosity and Ride On!

Top Donors

$22,365 Raised By 200 Donors

$2,000 on behalf of Dan Hanson
$1,000 on behalf of Andy, Erica & Jack Schecher
$1,000 in honor of My Supporters! Here is my match!
$1,000 on behalf of The Batterman Team
$525 on behalf of Lance and Jen Wagner
$500 on behalf of Elaine McClaren
$500 in support of Nick and Chris Armstrong
$500 on behalf of Phillip & Ashley Kuhn
$500 on behalf of Tony and Melissa Firari
$400 on behalf of Greg Schaefer and Steve Stoppel
$250 on behalf of Brett Thieme
$250 in support of Carie Galati
$250 on behalf of Dan Hanson
$250 on behalf of David Kuehn
$250 on behalf of Hayley Szopinski
$250 in support of Kenneth Wolfram
$250 on behalf of Michael Johnson
$250 in support of Paul Nelson
$250 in support of Paul Nelson
$250 in support of Paul Nelson
$250 in support of Rick Nelson
$250 on behalf of Signe Schecher
$250 on behalf of Tim Debbie Sharkey
$205 on behalf of Colten Tuescher
$200 on behalf of Ashley Hartman
$200 on behalf of Jacob and Megan Soldner
$200 on behalf of Nahid Afsari
$150 in support of Paul
$100 on behalf of Adrian and Blaire Ritchie
$100 on behalf of Adriel Bean
$100 on behalf of Alicia Brown
$100 on behalf of Ann N Burns
$100 on behalf of Barry and Rosemary Smanz
$100 on behalf of Brian McFadden
$100 on behalf of Caitlin Clarke
$100 on behalf of Chip and Lauren
$100 in support of Christine Core
$100 on behalf of Daniel Keuler
$100 on behalf of David Setzer
$100 on behalf of Dawne and Russ Soldner
$100 on behalf of Deven Adams
$100 on behalf of Greg Schaefer and Steve Stoppel
$100 on behalf of Gregg Winters
$100 on behalf of Isaac Dornfeld
$100 on behalf of Jagpreet Chahal
$100 on behalf of jeffrey scott
$100 on behalf of Jesse and Brad Gierach
$100 on behalf of Jim and Kathy Vergenz
$100 in memory of John Engels
$100 on behalf of kay coates
$100 on behalf of Kevin Castleberry
$100 on behalf of Kevin Klueger
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Leigh and Claudia Fatzinger
$100 on behalf of Linda Nedelcoff
$100 on behalf of Lisa Maertz
$100 on behalf of Margie Keuler
$100 in support of Mark Wolfram
$100 on behalf of Matt & Cassandra Shadley
$100 on behalf of Memory of J. Schmidt
$100 on behalf of Michael Liska
$100 on behalf of Mitch, Krista, & Charlotte Shadley
$100 on behalf of Natalie Reilly Nelson
$100 on behalf of Nathan and Bridget Sharkey
$100 on behalf of On Behalf Of The Leistico Family
$100 in support of Paul
$100 on behalf of Paul and Melisa Nelson
$100 in support of Paul N
$100 in support of Paul Nelson
$100 in support of Paul Nelson
$100 in support of Paul Nelson
$100 in support of Paul Nelson
$100 in support of Paul Nelson
$100 in honor of Paul Nelson & his Family, Friends & the Batterman Force
$100 on behalf of Paul Nelson - a mega great, genuine guy!!!
$100 on behalf of Paul Rowe
$100 on behalf of Paulie
$100 on behalf of Ramirez Family
$100 on behalf of Rob and Katie Frank
$100 on behalf of Rob Stangler
$100 on behalf of Sara Keuler
$100 on behalf of Sarah Graham
$100 on behalf of Scott & Amy Nelson and family Nelson
$100 in support of Serena Rudzinski
$100 on behalf of Sharon Snow
$100 on behalf of Shirley Thieme
$100 on behalf of Spencer Galbavy and Kristin Maenner
$100 from Anonymous
$100 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Tamara Schuett
$100 on behalf of Tim & Jill Engels
$100 on behalf of Timothy Will
$100 on behalf of Tina Minnich
$100 on behalf of Vanessa and Chad Rohm
$100 on behalf of Yvonne Subak
$60 on behalf of Melissa Firari
$50 on behalf of Adam Kuntz
$50 on behalf of Alex Tibbetts
$50 on behalf of Alex Vergenz
$50 on behalf of Anna Lardinois
$50 from Anonymous
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Caryn Mellom
$50 on behalf of Diane Haseleu
$50 on behalf of Ellyn Subak
$50 in support of Jarilyn and Larry Johnson
$50 on behalf of Jason Loewi
$50 in support of Jim Schultz
$50 on behalf of Jody Justmann
$50 in memory of Joe and Chuck Sr
$50 on behalf of Joseph Cox
$50 on behalf of Justin Williams
$50 on behalf of Karen Pagel
$50 on behalf of Kate Alwine
$50 on behalf of Kelly Strieff
$50 on behalf of Kimberly Lantta
$50 on behalf of Kyle Hebert
$50 on behalf of Lisa Szopinski
$50 on behalf of Lynn Smith
$50 on behalf of Lynne Brayton
$50 on behalf of Mary Ann Hanson
$50 on behalf of Mary Buhr
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Max and Emily
$50 on behalf of Neal Fitzsimmons
$50 on behalf of On Behalf Of Janice Wolfram
$50 in support of Paul Nelson
$50 in support of Paul Nelson
$50 in support of Paul Nelson
$50 on behalf of Paul Nelson
$50 on behalf of Richard Emery
$50 on behalf of Sara Marquardt
$50 on behalf of Sean Anderson
$50 from Anonymous
$50 in memory of Tom Turschman
$50 in support of Trisha Caine
$50 on behalf of Valerie Alderman
$50 on behalf of Victoria Boucher
$40 on behalf of Nate Heimler
$30 in memory of Bob LaFurge
$30 on behalf of Dustin Hendrickson
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Alissa Foley
$25 on behalf of Alissa Foley
$25 on behalf of Amanda Schutz
$25 on behalf of Amber Lacher
$25 on behalf of Andrew Kerber
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of cheri Dubiel
$25 on behalf of David Zirngibl
$25 from Anonymous
$25 from Anonymous
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Jack and Patti Larson
$25 on behalf of James Rocco
$25 on behalf of Jamie Holzhueter
$25 on behalf of Janine Baudhuin
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Jeff Ballweg
$25 on behalf of Jennifer Garcia
$25 in support of Jesse Gierach
$25 in support of Jesse Gierach for being amazing!
$25 from Anonymous
$25 in memory of Judy Wolter
$25 on behalf of Kristina Valenti
$25 on behalf of Liz Hammetter
$25 on behalf of Lyndsay Evans Eder
$25 on behalf of Lynelle Reak
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Michael Shenkenberg
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Patrick Aiston
$25 in support of Paul Nelson
$25 on behalf of Paul Rowe, Anna Marie Rowe, Beth Rowe & Donna Trenda
$25 in memory of Rick Donovan
$25 on behalf of Robert Swenson
$25 on behalf of Robi Loos
$25 on behalf of Sam Frederick
$25 in memory of Stuart
$25 in memory of Susan Foltz
$25 on behalf of Tiana Imhoff
$25 on behalf of Travis Bangart
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Claudia Shipshock
$20 on behalf of Patty Kuhlman
$20 on behalf of Rachel Steiner
$20 on behalf of Tom LaPlant
$15 on behalf of Jesse Nelson
$15 in memory of Michael Barrett
$15 on behalf of Natalie Holy
$15 in support of Paul Nelson
$10 on behalf of "Big Boy" Surles
$10 on behalf of Amanda Kuehn
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Amanda Stein
$10 on behalf of brianna neumann
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Kathleen Whittaker
$10 in memory of My Dad, Pat
$10 from Anonymous

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