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Plan for SWAG

Swag Options

Everyone loves swag. How are you distributing yours? Do participants get to choose, or is all virtual swag shipped and all in-person swag picked up?

Pickup vs Shipping

  • Local Pickup
    • No shipping costs
    • Can drive traffic to a local sponsor
    • Easier for size exchanges
    • Not possible for out-of-towners
  • Shipping All Swag
    • Convenient for participants
    • Shipping is costly
    • Delivery can be unreliable
    • Swag packages are time-intensive to prepare
  • Half/Half
    • Makes everyone happy
    • Limits shipping costs
    • Difficult to track and manage


Shipping Considerations

Shipping is hard. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Weight: average package is $3.50, but that increases significantly with heavier packages
  • Shape: a t-shirt and medal is easier to ship than a poster or a wine glass
  • Zones: Use shipping software to automatically calculate the shipping zones and subsequent cost
  • USPS Issues: Current USPS delays could mean very late packages. Prepare your attendees for the possibility.
  • International Shipping: International shipping, if you allow it, can be 5-6x the cost of domestic shipping
  • Details for setting up differing shipping charges by country can be found here.


Make Fulfillment Easier

Please don't sit at home writing out shipping labels. There are resources that can help streamline this process:

  • DIY: If you’re keeping shipping in-house, software like Shipstation or ShipEasy can help
  • Contact your Timer: Many timers offer shipping/fulfillment services as a part of their business model
  • Fulfillment Companies: Some swag companies specialize in shipping fulfillment - you can find a few here.


Communication is Key (always)

Make sure you know when your items should ship and arrive, and include that information in registration, confirmation emails, and follow-up communications. Additionally, add details right where the swag is featured:

  • For Giveaways, update Additional Details at Race >> Giveaways/Add-Ons >> Giveaway
  • For Add-Ons, update Description at Race >> Giveaways/Add-Ons >> Add-Ons

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