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Upgrade from Paypal Donations

GiveSignup Donation Forms provide nonprofits a great upgrade path from old PayPal donate buttons. There are a number of advantages to upgrading:

  • Feature your nonprofit’s branding, not PayPal’s branding
  • Encourage donation levels
  • Give donors flexible choices of one-time or recurring gifts
  • Enable tribute information collection
  • Use your URL / Domain (for free!)
  • Donation use designation option
  • Donation Receipts that feature your nonprofit’s branding, not PayPal’s
  • Free Upgrade to full Donation Website or Fundraising Campaigns integrated with Facebook Fundraising
  • Lower Cost

Your Brand, Your Mission – Not PayPal

PayPal donation buttons lead to a PayPal website, with PayPal branding and little recognition of your nonprofit.

As the above example shows, GiveSignup’s Donation Forms offer your nonprofit the ability to display your logo, your mission statement, your color scheme, and your custom donation settings.


Donation Levels

PayPal does not offer donation levels. In fact, donors can type in “100” and it is entered as $1.00:

With GiveSignup, you can encourage donors to give at certain levels – and give meaningful names that are tied to your mission to each level:

In addition, when you type “100”, it defaults to the dollars.


Donor Choice of One Time or Recurring

GiveSignup makes recurring giving choices simple. Your nonprofit gets to choose what options you want to give to donors for each donation form you create – any mix of One Time, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. And we make it simple for donors to update their credit card information with automated emails if their credit card fails. This helps your team save time and raise more. You also have full access to reports for failed credit cards, making it easy to follow up with recurring donors.


Give Donors Choice of Tribute Recognition

With GiveSignup, you can enable Tribute Information to collect the donation honoree’s physical mailing address. Your nonprofit can mail the honoree a printed tribute card to let them know about the donation made on their behalf.


Use Your Own URL / Domain

Instead of sending donors over to something like, you can set up your own URL and even your own domain –


Donation Use Designation

Allow donors to choose what effort they want to support at your nonprofit:

Custom Donation Receipts

GiveSignup lets you customize donation confirmation emails that feature your nonprofit’s logo, messaging, and brand – not Paypal’s. It’s easy to add custom thank you messages and Call To Action buttons that go to your website – not Paypal’s website.

Free Upgrade to Full Donation Website or Fundraising Campaign

Want more than a simple, single page donation form? If your nonprofit has more to say, then use our other donation and fundraising tools. They are all free and all easy to use:

GiveSignup Costs You Less Than PayPal

Yes, you get a whole lot more for less. PayPal charges you directly for each donation made – $0.30 plus 2.9%. With GiveSignup, the average cost is less than 2% flat with no per transaction extra fee. You can choose to have donors cover the full processing fee of 4% (yes, $10.00 donations only have a fee of $0.40 vs. $0.59 on PayPal) and have ZERO cost to your donations.

Or you can choose to give them the option to pay the processing fee. Well over half of donors choose to pay the fee – thus resulting in a net cost to you of less than 2% even if you do offer to pay the processing fee if your donors do not.

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