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More than 9,000 nonprofits use GiveSignup to raise more and save time. There are more donation and fundraising tools than ever before, and this page summarizes some of the key features that are helping nonprofits raise more and save time:


Easy to Set Up and Manage

To make it easy for customers to set up and manage their donations, fundraising, and charity partners, we released a major UX update to the Dashboard that organizes your donation, fundraising, and charity partner settings into distinct menu items with easy-to-manage tiles that you can simply click to edit and update. The functionality is the same (we didn’t deprecate any features) – we just cleaned it up!
To find details on the settings within the new donation and fundraising menus, check out these blogs:

Fundraising Pages that Tell a Story

GiveSignup | RunSignup's fundraising pages empower your fundraisers to tell a story and get donations with images, words, and clear Calls to Action. See an example fundraising page here: 

Some of the highlights include:

  • Fundraiser slideshow with the ability to add one or multiple images that display as a rotating slideshow
  • Easy for fundraisers to upload and crop profile and slideshow pictures
  • Custom story heading
  • Fundraiser description/story
  • Facebook Fundraiser status, and the ability to create a connected fundraiser if not done at the time of registration
  • Prominent social share options
  • Clear Call-to-Actions
  • Team and Charity displayed and linked
  • Fundraiser has control with easy-to-use Manage options, that enable them to update their page, view donations, and email their supporters.
  • Fundraiser milestones, badges, and milestone confetti

Free GiveSignup | RunSignup - Facebook Fundraiser Integration

We announced our free Facebook Fundraiser integration in July 2019. The integration allows your fundraisers to auto-create a Facebook Fundraiser when they become a Facebook Fundraiser. The amounts raised on RunSignup and Facebook are automatically synced, enabling your participants (and your nonprofit) to raise more and reach fundraising goals faster.

It’s already clear from our data that the GiveSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration empowers fundraisers to raise more and reach new donors compared to only having a fundraising page on GiveSignup. To get a better sense of the impact that RunSignup’s free Facebook Fundraiser is having for fundraisers, we looked at a sample of 20 races using the RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser Integration. The impact of a connected Facebook Fundraiser is significant:

  • On average, connected fundraisers raise $490.26 more than unconnected fundraisers.
  • Connected fundraisers receive 9.74 more donations than unconnected fundraisers.
  • Fifty-six percent of connected fundraisers reached their personal fundraising goal, compared to just 25.7% of unconnected fundraisers who reached their personal fundraising goals.

The pandemic has made the integration even more important for nonprofit. From April 2020 through September 2020, 24.1% of donations for enabled events came from Facebook - an increase from 6.8% during the same timeframe in 2019.


Free Websites

Point and click templates make it simple to create a beautiful mobile responsive, SEO-optimized, and data-driven website that’s branded for your event(s). Some of the key features of cover pages include:

  • Header images that can be static or on a rotating carousel
  • Live data components like Top Fundraiser Leaderboards, Donation Goal Thermometers, challenge results, and countdown clocks that are dynamic and easy to add
  • Call to Action buttons that can drive traffic to common places on your RunSignup website (like Donate, Volunteer, Register), or can link to custom links and actions.
  • Videos with an aesthetically pleasing cover image and a video activation button
  • Flexible layouts with infinite content sections and full or split-screen display options that feature sticky Sign Up and Donate buttons, and that are always mobile-responsive


Results that Feature Fundraising

You can now show individuals’ real-time fundraising progress on their results pages with a Donate call to action. This is a great feature for nonprofits where the focus of the event is on fundraising, encouraging fundraisers to hit their goals, and creating competition around who can raise the most. The fundraising progress meter is available for all results – whether it’s an in-person event, virtual challenge, or virtual race.


Free Domains and Subdomains

Adding a custom domain or subdomain elevates your branding so that customers see your nonprofit or event’s name ( or instead of

Adding a custom URL to the event website has several specific advantages:

  • A branded URL like “” instead of the old “”
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • The ability to setup subdomains to reinforce a primary brand or tie together multiple events
  • Secure registration and payment processing without ever leaving your website

It’s more important than ever to have a secure website, and you can verify your website’s security by clicking to the left of your URL. Many nonprofits do not have secure websites, which means your donor’s credit card information is at risk.


Reporting that's Easy to View and Export

With GiveSignup's reporting, you have full visibility across your marketing, registration, fundraising, and financial data in one place. Build customizable reports in minutes. Easily download datasets and reports at any time. View pre-built reports that seamlessly integrate fundraiser and donor data with your participant data. Simple summary, deposit, and financial reporting and reconciliation means no more merchant reports or Vlookups. Visit our Reporting Hub to view sample reports.

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