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GiveSignup for Ticket Events

GiveSignup has steadily built a ticket platform that’s purpose-built for nonprofits and serves as a modern alternative to Eventbrite, Crowdrise, Classy, and Blackbaud.  GiveSignup Tickets is built on the core RunSignup platform, with the same payment processing integrity and cutting edge features that continuously improve.

There are a number of reasons to move to GiveSignup for your nonprofit ticket events:


1. GiveSignup Tickets is designed for nonprofits. 

All of our current and future improvements will be focused on nonprofits. Ticket platforms like Eventbrite have a very large addressable market, and need to build features for the for-profit events that generate the most revenue like large concerts and festivals. They have a good generic ticket platform, but it is not built for nonprofits.


2. Donations (one-time and recurring!) during ticket purchase. 

Again, Eventbrite is a great ticket platform, but they do not allow for a seamless donation during the purchase of a ticket. We make it simple for you to accept one-time and recurring donations, feature custom donation levels, and add a sticky Donate button to your website for standalone donations. Some of your supporters WANT to make an extra donation. And if you are offering free tickets, that donation offer is even more powerful.


3. Donation Discounts. 

Want to incentivize event attendees to give a bit more? Increase donations by offering a discount on your tickets during the purchase. For example, offer a $20 discount on the $50 ticket if they also make a donation of $100. You have complete control of creating the offer and we help make your offer stand out in the ticket purchase path. You can even create different donation discounts for different ticket types and quantities purchased.


4. Your Own Website – For Every Event.

Centralize your event information, promote your branding, and create a website that you can market! With GiveSignup you get a real website that’s mobile and SEO-optimized, not just a page like Classy or Blackbaud or GoFundMe (or that might have ads for other events on it like Eventbrite). Design beautiful cover pages with our easy click and point builder. Bring your own domain ( or a subdomain ( for free. And yes, the SSL certificate is free and you have full control to add content. 


5. Simple Pricing, Simple Payments, Simple Financials.

Our easy to understand public pricing is based only on transaction processing fees that your ticket buyers and donors can pay. No, there is no support charge like Blackbaud – you can help yourself with our simple system, use our online help, or contact – all for free. There is no monthly subscription like MobileCause or Classy. Oh, and we handle all the credit card transactions directly in our system. No more reconciling between a ticket system and Stripe. Also, we make refunds easy, and we handle chargebacks for you. Your CFO will love you for using GiveSignup with our simple financial reporting and fast payments.


6. Collect All the Information You Want.

Don’t need much info? Offer quick buy options and only collect email and credit card info. Want personal info on each ticket holder? Collect information per ticket holder rather than per purchase. Want to ask custom questions? We make it easy to create additional questions with flexible image and text formatting options and any type of validation for the answer – checkbox, essay, drop-down choice, etc.


7. Sell Add-Ons.

Want to sell upgrades like shirts, upgraded VIP experience, custom mugs, merchandise that highlights your nonprofit? Easy. Have multiple colors and sizes? Yep, we do that too. Different prices for different options like XXL size? Yep, you can do that as well. Only have so many items? Yep, we keep track of inventories. GiveSignup’s store lets you promote items with photos, easy variant and quantity ordering, and strike through pricing to highlight special savings.


8. Mobile App CheckIn.

We helped you sell all those tickets and hoodies. Now it is event day – have your volunteers use their own iPhone and Android phones to check people in. Send all your ticket holders an email reminder with their QR code a couple of days before the event to make checkin even faster. We’ve had customer use our CheckIn App for events from 10 to 10,000+. We make event day even easier with the ability to schedule thank you emails to your attendees after the event.


9. Powerful Ticket Options.

Purchasing tickets on your GiveSignup-powered website is easy and beautiful. Unlike Classy and Eventbrite, we offer ticket grouping that can make multiple ticket options easy to understand. For example, group tickets by day for your multi-day event. Or group multiple experiences like the red tent and green tent together and then offer multiple ticket levels within that group like Adult and Child. This also makes bundles easy to understand. We also offer Combo Tickets – for example if you want the first ticket to be $100 and additional tickets to be $20, that is easy to automate. We also give you automated control over ticket inventory so you do not sell too many tickets with your beautiful new GiveSignup ticket website.


10. Viral Social Marketing Without Losing Control.

With GiveSignup, you own your data – we do not sell it, nor do we put your attendees on an email marketing list to promote other events to them. You have full control to create your own social sharing content and graphics, so when ticket purchasers buy a ticket your custom designed facebook post appears. And most powerful of all, we give you Referral Rewards. You can give a special code to ticket purchasers to share with friends. You can set up an automated refund when they get a certain number of friends to join them. For example, give them a $20 refund if 5 friends buy tickets. We handle the tracking and refunds automatically and have seen ticket purchases rise 10-20% depending on how well it is marketed with a significantly lower CPA than traditional digital marketing like Facebook ads.


11. Easy Data Export.

If you already have a CRM, you will love our simple data export to fully capture all of the attendee and donor data with a simple download/upload. If you use Salesforce for your nonprofit, we have a third party solution from Artificon that does automated data integration.

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